Bring the Balls - April 2nd, 2007

I thought I posted this earlier. :o Ooops. It's been half-written for about a week now. I'm going to try for another post in a few days because there's a few fics I'm still reading and *_* I just HAVE to post this now or it's going to be NEXT week before it goes up. D:


- Anon for spring_fluff wrote Divide and Multiply. Niou/Yagyuu. R. This, plus RikkaiMyu, have finally CEMENTED my D1 love. *_* Oh Niou.
- pixxers wrote One More Thing. TEZ/OISHI. EEEEEEEEE. PG-13. I love this pairing.
- marksykins wrote This Wasn't the Plan. Tezuka/Oishi. *FLAIL* R. I'm so glad they got some love this week.
- prillalar wrote Lock Up. Oishi/Tezuka. R. I wish people would write them together every week. They were so lucky this week.
- axtar wrote Blue is the Sky. Yanagi. Hints of Yanagi+Kirihara. G.
- Anon-san for spring_fluff wrote Girls. Shishido/An!!!!! My new FAVORITE pairing! HET! *FLAIL* PG. Just. AWESOME. You are seriously doing yourself a disservice if you don't read it.
- tongari wrote You Got Me (honk if you love Rikkai). Implies alot of pairings, not least of which is Yanagi/Yukimura. Sanada/Atobe, Yukimura/Sanada, Yanagi/Sanada are also implied. I really liked this one. It handles the Rikkai boys very well and I think they're written very in-character. I love her Yukimura. He's not giddy and girly-flirty, but very ... Yukimura. XD He's awesome. So is her Renji. He's detached and focused and yes. PG-13.
- arboretum wrote On Gardenias. This fic is just gorgeous. It's one of my favorite fics I think I've read in PoT. Yanagi POV and Yanagi/Yukimura-ish sorta. PG-13? Maybe? Read this. Gah. Oh Renji.
- Anon-san for spring_fluff wrote Problematic. Shishido/Ootori. :D This fic is so so so cute!!! PG-13. I love it alot. It's funny and Shishido is hilarious.
- Anon-san for spring_fluff wrote How to Be Destined Rivals. Fuji/Mizuki. OMG. Just. YES. Features the Best Line EVAR. Read this. ;)) PG-13
- Another Anon-san for spring_fluff wrote The Curious Incident of the Cat and the Non-Fat White Mocha. TezuRyo. Its hard to win me over in TezuRyo, but this did. PG-13.

Other Things:

- Renji Love Thread *____* I mean -______-
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Bring the Balls - Wednesday, January 31, 2007

- mayhap wrote Popups (InuTez, NC-17)
- ver2frog wrote Hands Off! (Silver Pair)
- jumoon wrote Like That (Arai/Kachirou)
- ruebert wrote Manifest (Inui, Kaidoh, Hiyoshi)

- adayume drew Halloween Candy (SanaYuki), Taka/Akutsu, Pay Attention! (Marui/Jackal), and Afternoon Sojourn (Niou/Yagyuu)
- Drastic M: Fuji/Eiji
- No Direction: Fuji/Eiji, Seigaku, Rikkai
- easy-life: Fuji/Eiji
- *cage*: Fuji/Eiji
- SilverRays: TezuRyo
- Cherry Stone: TezuRyo
- aonekokaidou: TezuRyo
- the stoicism empire: TezuRyo
- ORANGE*ADE: TezuRyo, Yukimura/Marui, etc.

- nickelodeon posted How Taki Stole Tennis.
- leviosa8 posted a MomoRyo tender moment.

- iikanji posted scans of the Rikkai and Hyotei fanbook pages.
- This site seems to be a Fuji/Eiji fanart webring. There are a lot of links to different Fuji/Eiji-centric art sites.
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Bring the Balls - Saturday, January 20, 2007

- alice_and_lain wrote Lessons Learned (Yanagi/Kaidoh, implied InuKai) and Straightest Man in Seigaku (various pairings...? everyone is gay, literally :-P)
- measuringlife wrote Riptide (Fuji/Saeki)
- evaporate wrote keys to the city (TezuFuji)
- kishmet wrote Facets (Fujicest) and Haunting (MomoKai)
- garlandgraves wrote The Scheme of Things (Inui/Fuji, R)
- maxine_chan wrote Mizuki drabbles! & one YanaYuki (Inui/Mizuki, Mizuki/Yuuta, Fuji/Mizuki, YanaYuki)
- aggy wrote Half of me is Ocean... (Yanagi/Yagyuu)
- muzivitch wrote For Your Eyes Only (Data Pair)

- XEROPHYTE: Ryoma, FujiRyo, etc.
- nao: SeiRu, Seigaku, Yamabuki; AkuDan, Minami/Sengoku, AkaMiz, etc.
- love egoist: Seigaku, TezuRyo.
- crosswing: Ryoma/Sakuno
- EWIG: Ryoma-centric, TezuRyo, some Kintarou, Kevin, etc.
- kagura itsuki: Ryoma/Sakuno, Momo/An, Eiji/Tomo. super cute art *_*
- nyonota: Ryoma/Sakuno
- +pulse: TezuRyo, Seigaku
- aconite drew TezuRyo
- fullmetalomi drew Atobe

- leviosa8 posted an excerpt from Flash by Stage (doujinshi: ToriShishi) with a translation.
- umeko_pyon drew and wrote Cheer Up, Shishido!!
- aatash posted a translation of the Rokkakumyu backstage.
- evocates posted some thoughts about Rikkai's team dynamic. The post is old, but there's still a lot of interesting stuff in the comments.
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Bring the Balls - Tuesday, January 9, 2007

- prillalar wrote Fascination (InuKai)
- two_if_by_sea wrote Five Jobs Tezuka Never Had.
- todaythesamesky wrote Pillow (Akutsu/Dan, R)
- kishmet wrote Findings (Inui/Fuji)
- ver2frog wrote Long Ago and Far Away (Taki/Shishido)
- mousapelli wrote a Silver Pair drabble. <3
- plotbunnytohma wrote some two-line drabbles (TezuRyo, AtoRyo, Sanada/Atobe, SanaYuki, Yukimura/Kirihara, Tezuka/Kirihara, TezuFuji, Fuji/Yuuta, Mizuki/Yuuta, Kajimoto/Mizuki, Kajimoto/Wakato, Atobe/Wakato, AtoTez)
- bobbissimo also wrote some two-line drabbles (Ryoma/Sakuno, Eiji/Ryoma/TezuRyo, Kaidoh/Ryoma, Aoi/Ryoma, Dan/Ryoma, Fuji/Akutsu, ShishiTori, Fuji/An, Kaidoh/Tomo, Tomo/Sakuno)
- kalamitykat wrote and drew Tennis and Kissing (Momo/An)
- a_kindara wrote . . . (Niou/Yagyuu, NC-17)
- lovedoesthat wrote an Atobe/Sanada ficlet.
- dimmie wrote Comes the Sun (MomoRyo)
- morphaileffect wrote Prophesy (YanaKiri)

- fullmetalomi drew Yukimura.
- Rikkai.net has an awful lot of Rikkai art! :o

- wickedcherub asks about fic feedback habits.
- branchandroot has an archive of Rikkai-centric meta.

- santa_smex reveals have been posted. So much good fic to read for a wide variety of pairings. :)
- spring_fluff sign-ups end tomorrow!
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Bring the Balls - Wednesday, December 20, 2006

- Anonymous wrote Mission (3.14%) Possible (Inui/Mizuki, NC-17)
- Ilanala wrote Lesson Number 1 (Ryoma, Fuji, Tezuka)
- worblehat wrote Settle For Love (Horio/Tomo)
- evaporate wrote Torching the Barricade and Coplanar (TezuFuji)
- two_if_by_sea wrote driving manual for the slow-speed trainwreck relationship (Akutsu/Sengoku), a degree higher than your prescription, Asymmetrical (TezuFuji), Familiarity Syndrome, Fire Exit Running (MomoRyo), okazaki (TezuRyo), Blind Man's Bluff (Niou/Yagyuu), snails and oysters (Yanagi/Marui, Niou/Marui, Yagyuu/Niou), and Enough (Rikkai)
- ver2frog wrote Gekokujo (Hyotei-centric)
- sesame_seed's fanfiction is archived here. I especially recommend Variations on a Tilting Theme (Niou/Yagyuu)
- risquedreams writes interesting & good fic (AkuSen, Kisarazucest, TezuFuji, TezuAto... and there's LOTS of it, organized v. neatly there in her memories)

- peach_koala drew Atsushi/Saeki/Ryou and Saeki/Itsuki & Bane/Davide. :D
- shin_e drew two (PG-13 for boykissing), lovely, TezuFuji pictures, as well as a TezuFuji comic.
- tinyalice: TezuFuji, other Fuji pairings (Saeki/Fuji, Inui/fuji, etc)
- art site (not sure of the name...): TezuFuji, Saeki/Fuji, etc.
- spinario: all-schools, lots of TezuFuji, Fuji/Eiji, Hyotei, etc.
- ~sakuran: mostly Fuji stuff
- sakurasho: TezuFuji
- luckywakame: Ryoga & Ryoma
- km: TakaFuji, Seigaku.

- chzbrgr_of_doom wrote The Adventures of Shishido Hood (some ShishiTori, but mostly just cracktastic and awesome Robin Hood AU)
- leviosa8 has a scanlation of Hyotei's Gasshuku Midnight (crack!)
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Bring the Balls - Tuesday, December 19, 2006

- Anonymous wrote Momoshiro's Guide to Teen Romance: A Story (MomoKai, R)
- postingwhore wrote for we are still the same, after all (TezuRyo)
- tongari wrote Last Train (Oshitari/Atobe)
- helga_b wrote Twenty Random Facts About Momo-chan-sempai, Chaos Theory (Seigaku/Rikkai!!), Cigars & Moral of the Story (Niou/Yagyuu + Mizuki // Momo/various), Didn't it Rain? (Rikkai-centric), Where the stars are strange (Kaidoh/Sakuno), untitled Fudomine fic, and All You Can Eat (Momo, Marui XD!)
- assyrian wrote Champions (Ryoma @ Rikkai AU)
- freewayspike wrote Smile Like You Mean It (TakaFuji)
- theotheralissa wrote Waiting (TakaFuji)
- prillalar wrote Miscalculation (InuTez)
- dinghy wrote we are living in the shadow show (Akutsu/Yuuki)
- Greer Shlivandas wrote Too Crafty By Far (Rokkaku gen)
- Gold wrote Beyond: A Tribute (Seigaku-centric, Tomo PoV)
- yuki_scorpio wrote Little Prince (TezuFuji)

- peach_koala drew Shaba Daba and Chibi!Bane (both are Bane/Davide! *_*)
- DTI: ChitoKura, Bane/Saeki, Chitose/Tachibana, Shitenhouji, etc.
- honey: ChitoKura, Hyotei, Rokkaku, St. Rudolph, etc.
- ~tobari: Shitenhouji, Atobe/Kamio, etc.
- TOM: Shitenhouji.
- pla_choco(?): Higa, Shitenhouji, Hyotei, Rokkaku, Rikkai (Yanagi/Marui... o_O), Jiroh/Sengoku (wtf), etc.
- lemming.sadist: Shitenhouji, Shiraishi/Yukimura.
- marlmoro.piyo.to: Kirihara/Hiyoshi, KenZai, Shiraishi, Hyotei, Shitenhouji, etc.
- TFL: Seigaku, Hyotei, Shitenhouji (some terrifyingly shota Kintarou pics, just fyi).
- art site (not sure of the name...): Renji, Shitenhouji, Hyotei, etc.
- mo-up: all-schools, focus on Kirihara.
- Haunted House: Marui, Yukimura/Marui, SanaYana, Rikkai, Shitenhouji.
- Immoral Boys: Atobe/Saeki (I know, I know), Atobe/Oshitari, Fuji/Saeki, TezuFuji
- art site (not sure of the name...): Davide/Saeki
- manualM: Inui/various, Seigaku, etc. Mostly gag stuff.
- BLOW*OUT: Yes, this is the bee doujinshi circle. ^_^

- alice_and_lain has a Rokkaku love post. :D
- sailorstarsun posted a review of Rikkaimyu plus a review remix. *___*
- lawnmower_elf posted random reflections on tenipuri.

- Fleeting Fancies. Fanworks recs for various pairings.
- solanum_d compiled a list of Jackal/Bunta fic and art recs.
- The Tezuka/Fuji Japanese Fanart Link Directory.

- rikkai_troika inquires about interest in a fic exchange.
- minkyleigh is posting The Twelve Days of Doujinshi, a doujinshi scanlation everyday!
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This will be long because I have a crapload of stuff saved up. I might do one today and one tomorrow because I might get sleepy. ;P


+ Wamwam - This site has some of the most gorgeous art. Seigaku. Rikkai. Hyoutei. Rokkaku. Fudomine. Yamabuki. Shitenhouji. Senbatsu art.

A gorgeous Eiji *___*
and Shiraishi guh
and the wee-est Renji and Sanada by a puddle!! With rain coat and hat!!! and Sanada holding a parasol (of course). *_* Can't leave that out. ;PPPP
And Ryoma.
Marui and Kirihara in the lockerroom rawr.
Rawr Renji.
And OH Kirihara and Sanada.
This lovely picture of Jiroh and Gakuto checking their emails on their phones.
Ryoma and Karupin.
The Tachibana siblings. :X
Saeki. Guh.
Jiroh and Atobe
Mizuki. woe.
Fuji :X

+ Picture?? another Rikkai art site. Lovely.

+ Supply C Rikkai art.

+ Mr. Randomness??? Mostly Inui/Tezuka art.

+ Colorful: Rikkai and Hyoutei art. *_*

+ Quidditch!Eiji!!!!!!!!! that playthefool drew for me *_* She is so much awesome. Featuring Eiji, Harry, Ron, Shishido, Momo, Mizuki, Fuji, Kamio, Inui, Ryoma, Kajimoto, Atobe, Kabaji, and a dementor. :X ♥ SO MUCH LOVE!!! ♥


+ #1 Crush by pixxers. [Inui-centric, Inui/Eiji one-sided, PG.] I love this fic omg.
+ Momo and the Dragon by kishmet [MomoKai, PG]
+ Focus by Anon. [Fuji/Inui/Kaidoh, R] *_*
+ You and Me and the One You Love by Anon. [Oshitari-centric, Oshitari/Atobe, Atobe/Tezuka, etc, R]
+ Beneath the Data by axtar. [Yanagi Renji, G]
+ Of Cat, Bear and Muffin by yuncyn. [Karupin/Daigoro/Muffin, Eiji, PG?] [Yup. Karupin/Daigoro/Muffin *_* OT3 *_*]
+ Calligraphy by axtar. [Troika, G]
+ Stack the Deck by axtar. [Troika, G, formation of Rikkai team]
+ Widdershins by Anon. [Yanagi/Yagyuu, R. *_*]
+ Segue by panzer_kunst. [Yanagi, Kirihara, mentions of Inui, G]
+ Swine by Midnight by whisper123. [Yanagi, Kirihara]
+ Fukobuchou Fucks Up: Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 [Rikkai, PG13]. Continued from the Hyoutei Crack-uen, NC17ish] These are brilliant! I die.
+ Individuality by axtar. [Eiji, PG]
+ An Element to a Set by Anon. [InuKai, R]
+ Sex no Tensai by Anon. [InuKai, Fuji/Momo, R]
+ Four Conversations About One Thing by kishmet. [Inui/Kaidoh, Inui/Fuji, Inui/Renji, Inui/Tezuka, PG13ish?]
+ 20 Facts About Inui by stainedvelvet. [Inui, G]
+ The Art of Losing Touch by stainedvelvet. [Inui, Yanagi, G]
+ Fusion by stainedvelvet. [Yanagi/Sanada, PG13ish]
+ Michi by stainedvelvet. [Inui, Yanagi, G]
+ Skipping Stones by muzivitch. [Yanagi and Inui, G]
+ Five Reasons to Open Your Eyes by happiestwhen. [Yanagi/Inui, PG]
+ My Time, Your Time by 0rien. [Fuji Brothers, G]
+ Satyridae by evaporate. [TezFuji]
+ Sea Spray by evaporate. [TezFuji, G]
+ Spineless by Aki. [Silver Pair, PG]
+ Every New Beginning by reality_is. [Momo, Kaidoh]
+ A Matter of Some Urgency by reality_is. [Momo, Kaidoh]
+ Untitled drabble by elyndys. [Rikkaidai, D1 (Yagyuu, Niou)]
+ Promise by axtar. [Renji, Inui, G]
+ Unfinished by axtar. [Yanagi, Inui, G]
+ Mansex, Interrupted by pengiesama. [Sanada/Yukimura, PG13ish]
+ forward, yearning by storyteller. [Fuji/Ryoma, R]
+ Private Time by evil_towel. [Sanada/Yukimura, PG13ish?, PG?]
+ Catharsis by stainedvelvet. [Yanagi, Sanada, Yukimura, Sanada/Yanagi, PG]
+ Throw in the Towel by happiestwhen. [Ishida, Fudomine, R for NAKED HEAD :X] LOLOLOLOL
+ As Certain As the Sun by onew. [atobe/Jiroh, PG]
+ Ryoma Hates Puberty by Anon. [Tezuka/Ryoma/Fuji, R]
+ who needs love when you've got a gun? by Anon. [Akutsu/Sengoku, R]
+ Happy Accidents by Anon. [Atobe/Jiroh, R]
+ Not All White Spaces Are Blank by onew. [Fuji/Eiji, PG]
+ Dream Pair by mots_fleuris. [Fuji/Eiji]
+ Balance Beam by onew. [Fuji/Eiji]
+ Once Upon Tic Tac Toe by onew. [Fuji/Eiji, PG]
+ In Which Ryoma is Molested by His Senpai by spurious. [Momo/Eiji/Ryoma, R-ish] *_* There needs to be more fic of this pairing. Also, Fuji/Eiji/Ryoma. Yep. *waits*
+ Lost Boys by telegraph50free. [Yanagi/Kirihara, PG13] I love this fic.

Er, this is enough for today I think. >.> Though, I am looking for a fic, if someone could help. It is a fic featuring Momo, Eiji and Oishi. I know its flocked. It is where Momo is wondering if he likes boys and calls Eiji, who invites him over to Oishi's. Then Eiji proceeds to make out with Momo on Oishi's bed because how else will you know if you like boys unless you make out with one, right??? So they smooch and smooch and Momo likes it and Eiji does too, >.>. And so then there is a *COUGH* by Oishi who is sitting patiently nearby...and they stop all OH YEAH. XD And Momo figures he likes boys. Eiji thinks Momo likes boys too. Its really RAWR and awesome and I have no clue why I don't have it memoried. :| I SHOULD!!! Someone help?? :D
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Bring the Balls - Sunday, December 3, 2006

- alice_and_lain wrote Our Mistake (Data Pair + Mizuki. *_*)
- evaporate wrote Toccata (Kite/Rin)
- plotbunnytohma wrote a Kirihara Akaya character sketch and Promise? (Kirihara & Rikkai-centric)

- watz.org: lots of art -- Rokkaku, Hyotei, Fudomine, Shitenhouji, Seigaku, etc.

- r05km posted Tenipuri Spellcheck Fun.
- akaki_kokoro posted funny animated bits from Rokkakumyu.

- It's December so that means santa_smex has started posting!! Fic offerings already include MomoKai, Atobe/Jiroh, and InuKai! Make sure to friend the comm so you don't miss out! :) :) :)
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Bring the Balls - Wednesday, November 15, 2006

- kishmet wrote Rescue (Fujicest)
- storyteller wrote Momoshiro and the Genie of the Lamp (MomoKai)
- waxrose wrote Frankenstein (MomoKai)
- alice_and_lain wrote Switch and Spin (all-Seigaku, various pairings, CRACK)
- maxine_chan wrote Kiss the Rain (Momo/Kamio, NC-17)

- Random Blue: Marui/Kirihara, Rikkai, etc.
- Escape: Rikkai, etc.

- GP Fortnight started today. :D :D

- Tenipuri Fandom | Version 5.0 | White Line - character profiles, fanbook translations, etc.
- yachinami has some information about the schools.
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Bring the Balls - Friday, November 3, 2006

- garlandgraves wrote We Run Green (Momo/Eiji, R)
- stainedvelvet wrote Ten Seconds (Data Pair) and Yuki (Yukimura-centric)
- scoradh wrote Love (of a sort) (Inui/Fuji, R)
- waxrose wrote The Wheels on the Bus (MomoKai)
- prillalar wrote Point C (Fuji/Kaidoh) and Perspective (MomoKai)

- mangacat has a lot of pretty Hiyoshi art. This one is my favorite. :)

- ahun_pair is hosting its first Hatsukoi competition. MomoRyo firsts of all variteties welcome! :D
- saekifuji is a new community for the Saeki/Fuji pairing.
- yanayuki is a new community for the Renji/Yukimura pairing.
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